ENSEL Network

At the annual General Assembly of the ENSA network on November 15 2022 in Venice, a new working group for the promotion of well-being and the implementation of Social Emotional Learning in Europe has been established. The coordination in this thematic working group changes every four years. The legal representation of the ENSA by Annalisa Bisson and the creation of this working group followed the unanimous decisions of the members.

Altera Vita, Greece

The present coordination of the thematic ENSA working group- Wellbeing and Social Emotional Learning – is led by the Social Cooperative of Cyclades, Greece, represented by Miltos Sakellariou, Family Therapist, Prevention Counselor in Addiction, Chairman of the Board and founding member of the Social Cooperative of Cyclades–ALTERA VITA.

 Altera Vita is a scientific research Centre that implements education and awareness programmes, in the areas of Social Economy, Health Promotion, Organic Farming, Environment and Sustainable Development, the Arts and Culture, Pedagogy, Psychology, and New Technologies.

ΕΝSEL Network and Wellbeing Working group

ALTERA VITA jointly with Regional and Local Authorities, universities, schools, and stakeholders involved for ongoing work in ERASMUS + projects have  designed educational tools for Social Emotional Learning establishing an informal network for Social Emotional Learning, the  ENSEL NETWORK.


Social and emotional competencies become increasingly important and necessary in people’s daily lives, especially in the lives of children and youth, that are asked to cope with various challenges in their relationships and contacts with school peers, parents and other adults (such as teachers) they live, learn and socialize with.

The European Commission now recognizes “Social and Civic Competencies” as one of 8 key competencies for lifelong learning, needed to live in contemporary society, as highlighted at the Annual General Assembly of ENSA by Anne Marie Chavanon, Council of Europe, President of the Committee on Environmental and Sanitary Crisis of the Conference of INGOs

The European Commission also underlines the need for further developing teachers’ and trainers’ competencies, motivation, and skills so that their educational approaches match the needs of learners.

ENSEL network for Wellbeing will be conceived as an “umbrella working group of ENSA”, providing members with a platform and framework to join forces, exchange good practices and educational materials, and thus develop common actions to motivate all parties involved in Life Skills including both intrapersonal and interpersonal qualities.

Intrapersonal life skills include self-awareness, self-control, self-esteem, self-respect, and self-reflection.

Interpersonal life skills include effective communication, cooperation, teamwork and problem-solving abilities, respect for similarities and differences, appreciation, empathy, trust, and love to implement Well Being in our communities.


 The main objectives of the new thematic group for Wellbeing and Ensel-Network:

  1. To coordinate actions and initiatives at European level and develop partnerships across Europe
  2. To campaign and advocate for a common European strategy for life skills, especially for Social and emotional competencies in Europe and to monitor and influence policies at the national and European levels for Local and Regional Authorities, schools, Universities, Communities, and Organizations.
  3. To produce and promote the exchange of good practices, enforce capacity building and provide tools and training to professionals working in the field.
  4. To raise awareness among the public and empower children and young people as well as parents, teachers, and stakeholders professionals, on how to achieve implement Life Skills in a Holistic approach in their communities for the wellbeing.

 For more information about different ongoing projects in Europe for SEL and Well-being, please visit the links below:



Legal representative

Annalisa Bisson

contact, Elena Curtopassi

Veneto Region, Brussels’ Office




Coordinator -ALTERA VITA

Miltos Sakellariou, Chairman of the Board

Family Therapist, Prevention Counsellor in Addictions, MSc Counseling Psychology




If you are interested to participate in this working group of ENSA, please fill out the following form:  https://forms.gle/uCCqBiBo9oUpvtcX6